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This one question will change how you lead and live

Hands up, how many times when someone is talking to you are you waiting for them to finish so that you can immediately respond? Welcome to the way most conversations work...

Sometimes it’s just hard not to jump in on the last bit of what someone is saying as we are so keen to talk next - it feels like being in a queue and craning your neck to see when it’s your turn.

Added to this is small talk. These well-intended but often dull daily interactions, usually just lead us into an awkward dead-end. We ask the same questions, offer the same tried and tested ‘safe’ responses and feel like we are having the same conversation on repeat (we usually are!). 

Whether it’s a lack of listening, too many opinions, or the same questions on autopilot, it’s easy to see why so many of our conversations end up feeling transactional or like we can’t shift it into another gear.

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Eight ways to be a brilliant leader in a hybrid working world

Whether we lead an organisation, a team, a project or a specific activity, the pandemic has thrown us a fair few curveballs during the last 18 months. We’ve relocated (overnight), juggled more balls than ever, Zoom Zoom Zoomed (!) and adapted and pivoted.

As more and more teams head back into the office and enter into a hybrid working world, how do leaders get their heads straight about what happens next? 

With so many of our ways to communicate, connect and collaborate seemingly turned upside down during the pandemic and many questions around what exactly should happen now, there’s still a lot of talk about the need for a total re-think on how we lead as the world of hybrid takes hold.

However, when we look at the leaders (in all walks of life) who have done a brilliant job throughout the last 18 months, they haven’t actually changed their leadership approach at all, regardless of where they have been working from. Granted, their leadership might have been delivered slightly differently but it’s remained entirely focused on the age-old principles of leading others that are also bang up to date and that we can’t see changing anytime soon.

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Video: Leading through the ups and downs of life

Watch our three-minute video on leading through the ups and downs of life, or if you prefer reading, the transcript is below.

Today I want to talk a bit about the ups and downs of life, and what all that’s got to do with leadership.

Six months ago, both of my children were diagnosed with autism and a range of other special needs. And around the same time, my wonderful, wonderful Father-in-law passed away with Covid. Fast forward six months and we’ve relaunched the Jester business. We’ve also had news that my youngest son has been offered a place at a phenomenal specialist school, which we’ve been hoping for for a long time. Read more

7 Leadership Mistakes youre making right now

The 7 leadership mistakes you are probably making right now

Say the word ‘leader’ and often we can’t help but think of someone with a commanding presence and a great capacity for speech.

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Make your team feel incredible

How to make your team feel incredible with just three things

There’s loads of stuff out there on what makes a brilliant team (big yawn...). When we get rid of all of that noise - it’s simple. A team that feels good, does good. How your team feels all round, well, it’s a lot to do with how you make them feel.

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10 reasons why you can’t fake it until you make it in leadership

9 reasons why you can’t fake it until you make it in leadership

Years ago, I was a new Head of department for a global company. I had my first big meeting with the exec team. I wheeled out a fancy presentation, it had all of the bells and whistles, the data was immaculate - but it fell completely flat and it’s fair to say that I spectacularly screwed the whole thing up.

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