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Finding your natural leadership style

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Empowering the leaders in your business

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Clarity of vision for you, your team, your business

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Creating a ‘happy’ culture – fit for growth

Our leadership development process

The lead happyTM formula

The accepted rhetoric for what makes a good leader is often dated and rooted in board-room machismo best left in 80s films. Authority and gravitas have their place, but unless your leadership team is feeling confident and happy, they won’t be able to give their best.

Ready to smash the myth?

To know where you want to go and how to get there you must first know where you’ve come from, why, and how it has impacted your decision-making up until now. We will show you the great leader that already exists inside you and armed with your very own ‘Manual of Me’ that’s who will show up, every time, on their A-game.

Learn about who you are

It’s a busy planet, right? And we’ve all got to get along. Well, just as we start with you – the person – next is… you guessed it – everyone else. How are they dealing with themselves and how can you help? Empathy and understanding are at the root of your future success in leadership.

Ready to empathise?

“But I want to be taken seriously and have authority.” We hear this A LOT from new clients and we get it – It’s the language we as humans use to say “I want to be a good leader.” Only it’s the qualities of humanship that characterise the best leaders – where connections are made on what unites us as humans versus what separates us by role, identity or seniority.

Ready to lead naturally?

The need to connect is deep-rooted in our DNA and is everything when it comes to leading well. From communicating a vision to managing a disgruntled client, to a staff member with a grievance, by learning to listen, hear what is really being said and then acting in a way that truly connects, you are already growing your business.

Ready to learn how to listen?

How you make someone feel trumps everything. To take your leadership from good enough to great, we help you summon the jester within. Fun, laughter and the art of The Story are all essentials in polishing your leadership prowess to a high gloss, as are collaboration, challenge and honesty. We call it JestologyTM and it’s what separates a Jester Leader from the crowd.

Ready to have fun?
Leadership Development – The lead happy formula for leadership development