Watch our short video on matching aspiration and inspiration in leadership, or if you prefer reading, the transcript is below.


We ask people to tell us about the best leader they’ve ever worked for and with, and we hear these amazing stories about leaders who

  • ask questions
  • who actually listen to the response
  • who said thank you
  • who made people feel appreciated
  • who let other people speak
  • who created space for people to grow
  • who allowed people to fail fast

They tell us all of these amazing things about brilliant leaders. Then we asked those very same people to share with us their aspirations for their own leadership development and so often people say things like:

‘I need to be more authoritative’

‘I need to have more gravitas’

‘I need to have more clout and influence’

We’re then scratching our heads and saying “
hang on a minute!, you just told me the best leaders you ever worked with were the ones that listened, the ones that coached, that empathised, that created room for you to grow and fail and said ‘thank you’, and said ‘sorry’ and ‘I don’t know’ and all of these brilliant things.

So the question is why? Why then do you want to be more authoritative and have more gravitas (which by the way means be more serious!!)”.

We see this huge disconnect between the experience of brilliant leadership that people have, and what they imagine their own brilliant leadership to look like.

What we do here at Jester, is we build a bridge and we close the gap.