Watch our short video on what we start with when we help leaders, or if you prefer reading, the transcript is below.

We will always start with helping people to understand who they are.

What is going on inside you? What’s important to you? What do you believe in? What are your drivers?

What are the fires in your belly that make you want to act that motivate you, that give you purpose?

So we’ve got to understand all of this before we do anything else and then we’re going to help you deconstruct yourself really and take yourself apart, one part by one part and understand what you have.

What are the things that I love? What are the things that I’m great at?
What are the things that I find hard? What are the things that I’d love to be better at?
What are the things that I really enjoy that give me purpose that I’m motivated by?

We have to understand all of these pieces and then a really important part is understanding the part that actually had nothing to do with you in the first place. Most of what makes us who we are had nothing to do with us. There’s some crazy stuff out there so by about the age of four or five, most of our inner personality is already set, four or five, so it’s young! And then you have a few years where you’re a bit like playdough so you can be massaged and manipulated and kind of developed a little bit more over those few years.

By about the age of eight it’s relatively fixed, that core inner personality that we each have inside of us. And everyone is different and we all have different personalities so when we look at that person over there and say ‘God they do my head in, they’re so annoying!’ If we could all just remember that most of what makes us who we are inherently had nothing to do with us….couldn’t we all be a bit kinder to one another?! 

So can you be a natural born leader?
Everyone is a natural born leader, we will help you take yourself apart into lots of different pieces and understand what’s there and then put it all back together in a way that helps you to be your best