If you’re reading this, you want to know what makes lead happy™ different from other leadership experiences. So we won’t beat around the bush, here are just five of the reasons why working with us will benefit you:

  1. We hold up a magnifying glass to you. We’ll give you a true, unedited insight into what makes you who you are, and how to unlock this to boost your brilliance. This is powerful stuff! Once you know it, you’ll be able to use it for the rest of your days.
  2. The experience is bitesize, flexible and digestible. We won’t pull you into a full day workshop and deplete you of all motivation. It fits around your work and home life and is delivered with energy, originality and a dash of Jester fun.
  3. We’ve got the battle scars ourselves. We’ve been leaders in global businesses, and we’ve supported leaders across huge corporations, local SME’s, startups and more. We have more stories, insights and advice than you can shake a stick at – and these are hugely valuable for your own journey.
  4. We’re not going anywhere. You’ll be able to come back to us when you need more support for you or your team, we’re always in your corner backing you (think of us as your personal support squad!)
  5. We leave a lasting impression. We’ve worked with leaders who tell us that ten years on they’re still thinking about the experience and how it changed them. It’s not just about your role and being a leader, it’s about your life outside of work as well.
Why should I think about my leadership now?

The thing is, now really couldn’t be a better time. You’ll have noticed since the pandemic hit in March 2020 that everyone’s lives had to change. And the biggest part of this was we all became more HUMAN. We got to see people’s houses, families, wallpapers and lives on Zoom. People started to think about their mental well-being more. They thought about their jobs, their commutes, where they live, who they work for, what makes them happy – and people have made some BIG changes.

At Jester we’ve always talked about humanship over leadership. To be able to engage, motivate and inspire others, we need to relate to every person we work with on a human level – it’s that simple! Empathetic leaders and those who look after and focus on their people are going to be the ones who are loved and who people want to stay working for.

That’s why we’re here! To change the world for the better, one leader at a time. To chat to us about where you’re at in your leadership journey just drop a message to team.jester@leadhappy.co.uk